Charter Services

In today's global marketplace, a client's private aviation needs may change from month-to-month, so many of our clients choose to charter rather than commit to an aircraft lease or purchase. JetLease has expanded our charter division to serve clients when their own aircraft is unavailable or inadequate. Together with our leasing and sales departments, the charter division enables us to answer all your needs.

Following the guidelines set forth by the Federal Aviation Adminstration, JetLease only works with vendors under a Part 135 certificate. Part 135 mandates stricter codes of aircraft safety:

  • Maintenance records are kept for a longer period of time and filed with the FAA for progressive usage.
  • Pilots must have a higher number of flight hours to fly under Part 135.
  • Aircraft Systems Testing and Inspections are held to stricter guidelines.

JetLease only works with vendors that have an Argus rating of Gold or better - unless specified by the client.

For over three decades, our worldwide operations and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to to ensure that you arrive at your destinations in the utmost luxury, comfort and safety. No matter where you are traveling, we are on call 24/7 for all of your charter needs.

JetLease professionals will always find you the best aircraft at the best price.


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