Are you new to aviation? Unsure of which aircraft to choose? Experiencing exponential growth in your company? Your own aircraft unavailable due to repairs or maintenance? Had a poor experience with aircraft ownership due to huge market devaluation? Then the JetLease STAR (Short-term Aircraft Rentals) program is ideal if you need a lease from 3 months to three years or longer.

This program offers many benefits, including not only maximum term flexibility for a wide variety of aircraft, but also the elimination of unexpected maintenance costs.

By paying a specified hourly reserve (which varies for each aircraft) for engines, airframe and avionic maintenance, the lessee is alleviated of the financial exposure of any unanticipated repairs, or even routine maintenance costs that occur during the period of the lease. This eliminates all of the maintenance surprises that can decimate your CFO's budgets for the year.

Every aircraft that we deliver is covered with our "Jet Assurance" maintenance program. This means that all you care about is getting to your destination and not worrying about the next maintenance event.

JetLease is the innovator of this program and remains the leader today!


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Long-term lease is ideal for those who have thoroughly explored their aircraft requirements and can confidently commit to a specific aircraft for their dedicated use over an extended period of time. The benefit of a long-term lease is the lower running rate (generally 0.6% to 0.85% of the hull value of the aircraft) when based on a seven to ten year term which offers the lessee a lower monthly payment. Typically, the monthly lease rate covers only the aircraft, leaving the client responsible for the cost of maintenance and operating expenses.

WET LEASE: JetLease offers turnkey solutions where the client pays a monthly flat lease fee which includes insurance, engine and maintenance reserves, crew, hanger and fuel. JetLease manages all aspects of the aircraft. This service is available virtually anywhere on the globe!


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